Energy Level Tracker

Track your energy levels anytime of the day to determine when you're at your peak. Use this information to perform high energy tasks during this time frame.

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Find your flow and calculate your daily drive. Unlike a conventional diary, journal, or logger app, Energy Level Tracker quantifies your daily entries so you can optimize your schedule around your peak productivity, tackle your priorities at ideal times, and take breaks when needed. You can more effortlessly maximize efficiency, build momentum, and accomplish goals while avoiding burnout and stress.

Schedule meetings, naps, projects, brainstorming, writing, reading, and more around your high and low energy cycles. The longer and more you track, the more you'll start to see your personalized energy patterns develop.

How It Works

A daily logger has never been more straightforward. Simply download and tap the plus button on the home screen to set your energy level for the current moment. Choose from a value of one to five, with one being the lowest amount of energy and five being the greatest. Come back to track multiple times during the day and night to explore more accurate data about your energy patterns.


Find actionable data for real-world results. Energy Level Tracker provides an accurate overview based on the numerical values of your energy levels. View your analytics, including average energy levels, hourly trends, and more.


Your privacy comes first. All of your information and activity is saved securely on your device and in no other location.

Health & Wellness Benefits

Identify Peak Productivity

Not all time is created equal. When your energy levels are low, it can take hours to complete a task, but when you're at your peak, the same task can take minutes! Schedule your critical to-dos, important meetings, or urgent work tasks when you're at your mental and physical best. Energy Level Tracker easily calculates hourly trends so you can identify your peak performance and take action.

Manage Mental Health

Burnout and depression from overworking ourselves, constantly busy schedules, or poor health decisions can leave us exhausted and more unproductive than ever. Having insight into our daily habits and energy levels can help us manage moods and take those much-needed mental breathers that give us more stability and peace of mind throughout the day.

Avoid Burnout

Being busy doesn't mean being productive. Constantly on the go or working too much can lead to mental and physical exhaustion that takes a serious toll on our health and results in a steep decrease in our productivity—even when we feel like we're still working excessively. Tracking your energy levels can help turn those results around with insights to optimize your schedule in the most meaningful and fulfilling way. You can use your time wisely without added stress while still achieving work goals and meeting life's demands.

Maximize Your Time

Align work, rest, and play around your natural energy rhythms to create a more balanced, healthful, and fulfilling day. With small changes, you can maximize your time and optimize your productivity. After tracking your energy levels, you may find it's best to finish important work first thing in the morning, take a walk during your mid-day slump, make time to be creative in the evening when energy levels rebound, and much more.

Use your energy levels to your advantage. Download the app today to get started!